Live2D Vtuber Commissions

Thanks for your interest in commissioning me to make a model for you!
I have extensive experience producing Live2D models for games and have made two full body vtuber model.
I am excited to do more!

Current Commission Status: CLOSED

I will work with a form based application process when I open, posted on my twitter @adrhaze
I will accept a request if I think I can do it justice with my art or rigging style. The form is to submit your request in order for me to gauge if we are match. I will then reach out to you to discuss further details and pricing. I only work on full body commissions.

IMPORTANT: My prices are in EURO [€] please be sure to convert to your currency for a proper estimate.
I provide the following services starting from a base price. Final price calculated based on requested detail.

Art Only – € 2000+
Fully cut up and ready for rigging. Will be available to communicate with your rigger of choice.

  • Includes design if you do not already have one available.

Rigging Only € 2000+
Requires a fully prepared ready to rig model illustration in PSD format.

  • XY head turning and tilting
  • XY body movement including leg movement
  • tbd set of triggerable expressions
  • Idle animation + one unique animation
  • Extra: set of additional hands and or arms
  • Extra: unique triggerable animations

Art + Rigging€ 4000+

  • all of the above

I have more of an affinity with edgier/sexier/monstrous designs than cute ones. I have no preference towards male or female models, I prefer a challenge. Please look over my portfolio and judge for yourself if I am a match for your project.

Thanks for reading and perhaps we will work together in the future!

Terms of Service

▪️ Prices listed above include commercial usage fee. I reserve the moral rights for my designs.

▪️ I prefer full up front payment before work begins. Optionally 50% upfront and 50% upon completion can be discussed.

▪️ Refunds are not possible, please be 100% sure of your request before submitting.

▪️ Payment will be done through PayPal invoice or TransferWise with the payment fee calculated in on your end.

▪️ I will be in contact with you the entire duration of the commission via your preferred communication channel.

▪️ During each phase of the process I will show you my work and offer you the chance to give feedback and request revisions within reason. Major revisions during the rigging phase are not accepted without additional fee.

▪️ I reserve the right to use the work for my portfolio once you are prepared to publicly share your model.

▪️ I expect to be credited for my work on main social media channels.

▪️ Client will receive all necessary files to run the model through tracking software of choice, but will not receive work files.